Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? 4 BIG Signs That Answer the Question

The inquiry: “Does my boyfriend really love me?” is more than just a question. It’s filled with doubt…it’s a question asked by a woman who’s in pain especially when she’s alone.

Both of them may be alright when together. They may be having a great time on the surface. But at the back of her head, she may be having doubts as to the genuine feelings of her man.

Whatever the reason for that doubt, it sure is hard to cope with it and here are 4 big signs that a woman, stuck in this situation, should be looking for. After this, you should be able to answer: “Does my boyfriend really love me?”

Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? Sign 1:

Look at him, straight into the eyes, when he talks.

A man who’s sincere about what he’s saying, especially when expressing his feelings, will look straight into the eyes of their girlfriend. Does your boyfriend have the guts to look straight at you? Or is it the other way around?

Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? Sign 2

A man who is truly in love with his partner will always make time for her.

Personal priorities take a backseat, especially when its their relationship on the line. Whenever you need him, he will always be around no matter what. Is your guy right beside you when you need him the most?

Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? Sign 3

Men respect the people they love.

He will discuss with you some personal issues in which you’re the one involved. He will share with you his insights or opinions. But in the end, it boils down to your decision, and he’ll be there to back you up.

He will respect whatever path you take.

Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? Sign 4

We all have our special days – it could be your first year anniversary, just your third month in the relationship, or it could be your birthday.

The bottom line is if you’re man loves you, there is no way he will forget a day which takes a special meaning for you. He will call you up, send you a message or a note, and he may even skip work just to show you that he never forgets that special day.

See these 4 big signs at work, or at least 2 of them, and that should set your mind at ease.

And lastly, why not be straightforward to him that you’re having this feeling of uncertainty? After all, if your boyfriend loves you, he will do what he’s capable to reassure you that he loves you.

Source by Sarah Nichols