How To Deal With His Sexual Past

So you start dating a guy you really like, everything goes great and then, at some point, you find out from your friends or his that shortly before he met you his dating life was quite … "colorful" – he was sleeping around with many women, having many short relationships and one-night stands. You find this both disturbing and embarrassing and you do not know what to think of him and the value of your relationship. Should you break up with him just because of his past? That would not make sense. After all, it's the past – it's the time when you were not even in the picture, so how can you blame him for something that's not even directly related to you?

There is one very effective solution to this issue and this requires a two step approach:

First, recognize and accept that the vast majority of men are subjected to this powerful drive towards novelty and variety when it comes to dating and sex. Do not judge this but really accept it as part of male nature. This does not mean that you should tolerate unfaithfulness, but you should only recognize that that's what young, healthy, single men do when they can – they sleep around.

Secondly, change your perception of his past. Rather than seeing it as a stain on his moral reputation cloth, see the good in it – if the guy had so many partners, this means that he is a popular, attractive man who has something that many women want. Further, his experience probably made him a better lover and also allowed him to better understand himself and what he is looking for in a partner. That, in turn, might have just allowed him to make a more informed and correct choice of a partner -which is – you!

So, do not let his sexual past get to you. It's in the past, and if anything, it probably benefits you more than it hurts.

Source by Arkady Itkin