How to Drive a Flood of Traffic With Twitter – Step by Step

If you're like me, you're starting to hear the first mumbles of discontent among the Internet marketing crowd.

"Twitter does not work for driving real traffic."

"Nobody's on Twitter any more but bots ."

"Twitter's all just a big spam-fest."

Well I'm here to tell you that the moaners and groaners have it all wrong. Twitter has never been more alive, nor more responsive. And in today's Twitterverse, if you're one of the dwindling hands of Tweeters who legitimately have something to say, have a willingness to say it regularly, and are able to say it properly and with clarity … your site from a Twitter account has never been warmer.

Here's a step-by-step plan to show you how you can go from zero to Twitter-master in as short a time as possible.

Step # 1 – Get signed up. I know it sounds obvious, but I did promise a complete blueprint. When you first go to the page, you'll see an easy-to-fill-out form. Fill it out, follow the instructions, and you'll be ready to get started. Do not worry about the "full name" field on the front page. Just use your actual name there. It'll take you to a second page where you'll get to choose a username in a moment. Once there, choose a name that's short, memorable, and relevant to your web page.

Step # 2 – Polish up your profile page. A profile that looks at least a little bit different from the default profile shows a potential follower that you're a Tweeter who takes a little care with his Twitter account. This is more likely to convince him to follow you.

From your Twitter homepage, click on the link that says "Profile." Once there, you'll see a four step "Get Started" guide on the right side of the screen. Go to # 3 and click on "upload a profile picture." You'll be taken to a list of "settings," the top one of which suggests you can, "choose file" for your picture. Do this. It can be a photo of you, it can be an image you create in MS Paint, it can be a free-use image you've taken from elsewhere on the web. What's important is that it be (A) memorable, and (B) different from the default "egg."

Fill in something for the "name," "location," "website," and "bio" fields, then go back to the top of the settings list, and click on the word, "design."

Here, you can either use one of their available backgrounds, or you can upload your own by clicking on "change background image." If you're having trouble finding inspiration, you can Google the phrase, "twitter profile backgrounds," and you'll find a wealth of options out there for the taking.

Again, the main thing that matters is that you appear to be an actual human being when potential followers stop by. If the image can fit in with the theme of your website somehow, so much the better.

Step # 3 – Write a few Tweets. The recent Tweets you have written will appear on your profile page when people come to visit. You want it to look like you're a real, active, interesting person who is providing honest-to-God content. Maybe write four or five Tweets on content relevant to your niche. If you like, include a link to your site in one of them. But for this step – just as for your future Tweeting – you want to make sure most of your posts are 100% pure content.

People who follow you will become addicted in direct proportion to how interesting, useful, and spam-free they find you.

Step # 4 – Start following people in your area of ​​interest. Go back to the top of the page and click on "Profile" once again. This time, from the four step guide, click on the link in # 1 that says, "browse popular accounts by interest."

This is how you find the Tweeters in your field that have already successfully attracted the most followers. Your goal now is to start following their followers .

Click on an interest (Art & Design, Books, Business, etc.), and you'll see a list of the most popular Tweeters within that field. Choose one you recognize as relevant to your own web site, and click on their name . A graphic will open, showing, among other statistics, how many "followers" they have. Click the word "followers." You'll be taken to a list of people who are following that particular account.

Next to each person, you'll see a button that says, "+ follow." Click that for people who have taken the trouble to create a custom image and a mini-bio. These are the most likely to be real people. Be sure not to follow more than a hundred or two a day. You do not want to look like a spammer to the Twitter powers that be.

The idea here is that people who are already following one of the big names in your area of ​​interest will be "warm up" for you. Some percentage of them are bound to be interested in what you have to say, and will very likely follow you back, if you follow them. It's a numbers game, pure and simple.

By the way, if you do not see a category that's relevant to your home webpage, you can use the search box at the top of Twitter to look for posts on a specific keyword, phrase, product, etc. It takes a little more effort to sift through this in order to find good sources of followers, but the steps are exactly the same.

Step # 5 – Start generating content. Once again, and I can not stress this enough: post almost 100% pure Grade A content! Try to always, always, always stay on topic.

Do your best to maintain a consistent voice across all your Tweets. By this, I mean if you try to be funny, do your best to stay funny on each and every Tweet. If you try for sarcasm, stick with that. If you're the guy who presents stats, stuff stats in every time. If you make radical use of exclusion points and colorful language, do so consistently.

You want people to grow to recognize you as a person. With only 140 characters to spare, your voice is almost the only tool you have at your disposal.

Every tenth Tweet or so, feel free to refer back to your homepage. Especially if you have, for instance, a blog post or a free giveaway that is super-relevant to the current topic.

Step # 6 – Keep it going! That's actually all there is to it. But what separates the Twitter failures from the Twitter Gods is persistence.

If, every day, you keep adding followers, keep providing aful of content-rich Tweets, and keep driving traffic back to your main page in context-relevant ways, you will develop a steady stream of high-quality, niche-specific, deeply-interested web traffic.

Source by A Gineen Hohwald