How to Enlarge Your Manhood With Just Your Hands in 7 Days!

That's right! You read the title perfectly, I am going to show you what I show all of my closet clients, how you can seriously start to gain some length and width on your penis just by using a couple of exercises and looking after your diet. I've been practicing the same routines and techniques for years now and I have gone from 4 inches to a whoping 7 inches, all with using the natural techniques and staying consistent with whatever I do. It's important when using exercises to stay consistent, your new belief with whatever you do should be this – When I take on a new task to achieve a goal I will not stop until that task is completed, I will remain consistent throughout and work hard at it.

It's very simple, if you work hard and stay consistent then you will see results I can guarantee that. Nothing is more annoying than learning something new, trying it out for a couple of days and then just giving up, seriously what is the point? There is no point which is why if your not interested to stay consistent then you might as well give up before you start, it will save you time that way. OK so for you consistent goal orientated people out there, is this the big scoop. I will show you the process below:

Apply these two exercises every day

Please note that before applying these exercises you will need to warm up before hand, all you do is just wrap a hot towel around your pen for 5 minutes and your done, this will help the blood circulate and also kick off the growth process with your tissue. The first exercise is used to focus on lengthening your manhood, this is to be applied using the following method, take you hand and make an 'O' shape with the thumb and forefinger, place over the shaft of your penis and pull down, but squeeze at the same time. This will push the oxygen and blood to the end of your little guy and will force it back up to the shaft, but on the way will expand your tissue pockets which actually hold the blood.

OK so for the second exercise all you do is make sure you are semi-erect and cup the middle part of your penis, now all you do is slap your man against either side of your legs for around 3 minutes, this will irritate the blood flow and will shock your system into growth. It's as simple as that.

Eat well and balance your diet

Your diet is a massive part of your routines and will help you become much bigger than you already are, also the repairing time is much quicker. I always recommend you consume around 2 liters of water on a daily basis and just eradicate any rubbish that is in your diet, like sugar, salt and too much dairy. By following some form of natural enhancement program you stand a much greater chance of improving your size in a shorter way of time, this has been proven by many industry professionals and is accountable for around 77% of your routines.

Source by Peter M. Cavell