How to Find Time To Read and Enjoy It

In the current world, current digital era, we all are victims of self-degradation. How often do you find yourself stacked to a screen? Whether it is a mobile phone, monitor or TV screen, it seems that these devices are time killers. Yes, you heard me right. Killers. We have stopped educating ourselves, stopped challenging ourselves, stopped.

CNN claims that the average person spends around 10 hours a day in front of a monitor. Staggering 10 hours. Is it not amazing?

What I would like to do, is to provide you with options, which will gradually enhance your experience with books.

Imagine, you could spend even half of this time to self-improve. Would it not be fantastic? I read around 100 books a year. Does it make me the smartest person on Earth? Definitely no! Does it make me a hero and a role to my three children? Definitely yes!

I used to did not like books, as a matter of fact, I did not like anything to do with reading. I could not even be bothered with subtitles on a movie, let alone reading an article. I started reading about 5 years ago. To date, I have read over 500 books. Ever since I fell in love with reading, I have become more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I have become more eloquent. I have become much more successful at work.

You must understand that learning is power. Even if you never studied or finished a college, you should never give up on learning.

If you finished a college or graduated from university then, it is only a beginning of your learning journey.

I would like you to think about the following examples. Think about how much you would learn by devoting a little bit, just a little bit of your time to reading.

Drive Reading – there are many audio portals that you could use on your phone. Make a habit of listening to a book, podcast or an article while you drive. I run my books at the speed of 3 times faster than standard. Yes, I d understand what they are all about, plus my subconsciousness does its job as well.

TED myself to sleep – instead of watching a funny cat video, watch a TED talk for 10 minutes. Great choices of inspirational speaking from all over the world.

One a day – as the great saying goes “there would not be an ocean without a drop”. Same goes for reading. Read one a page of a book a day and you would be surprised how quickly you can finish a book. And, who knows, you might even enjoy it.

Free course – enroll yourself in a university course for free. Free, null, nada. Coursera and Edx offer a free audit of a course. You can learn from professors from Harvard, Stamford or MIT universities for free.

As you can see it’s not all about reading and hardcover books. Education, learning comes in different shapes and forms. All that is missing is your will to want. To push yourself, day after day. One step further. One page further, to a successful, better you.

I have done it. I am sure you will as well.

The first step is behind you.

You have just read this article.

Source by Adam Winsche