How to Get a Guy to Notice You

Guys are easily distracted, are not they? They're either swiveling their head to gawk at a passing beauty, or they're focusing on something else, or they're wrapped up in some task and too busy to notice. Whatever at school, work, or in the social scene, there are some tricks you can do to get a guy to not just look at you, but really pay some attention to you.

Be Smart Never mind that myth about guys being intimidated by smart gals. Guys think they are; what they're actually turned off by is hostile, aggressive gals. By smart, I mean being a good conversationalist, and showing that you're actually capable of reading a book or solving a problem. Let the other women be bimbos. Really, a guy who intentally seeks out dumb women does not deserve to have his genes passed on anyway.

Be Sociable This looks like a no-brainer, but have you tried … smiling? Laughing? Acting like you're having a good time? The problem with wall-flowers is that they never realize that they do it to themselves. They cling to the edges of the pack, put themselves to the side, look down and do not make eye contact, mumble when they're stuck to, and then wonder why they never get asked out. Do not send signals that tell everyone "Go away!" if you want them to come to you.

Be Perceptive Nothing gets a guy's attention faster than a woman who can "read his mind". So catch him at a moment when he's candid, and then ask him something relevant about his current situation. Guys, not being aware of body language and communication as much as women are, are blown away by a woman who can commiserate with them. Feel what he feels.

Have A Life This does not mean you should appear so fulfilled that it gets the idea that there's no place for him in your world. But do not come off as a sad loser, either. Make it obvious that you have a career, schooling, a social circle, a hobby or interest or two. This gives you depth and dimensions; you are not just a random "plain jane" that would exist by his side like a ghost.

Source by Billy Baker