How To Get A Thicker Penis

How do you actually get a thicker penis? This question has been asked by men ever since the first penis enlargement creams were introduced. Almost every man would make their penis bigger and longer if they knew how or believed in the product. Obviously they would be able to make their intimate experiences better for themselves if they did increase their penis size.

And that would also make the intimacy factor much better for the woman as well. We must realize that the majority of the nerve endings in the female are in the outer two inches of the vaginal walls. So size does matter to the point that it’s the man’s girth that is important, not his length.

What Is The Average Penis Length?

You see most men (90%) have an average penis size of 5.5 to 6.5 inches of length. However, the penis girth of these men will vary considerably. Women seem to get more satisfaction from a male who has more girth vs. more length.

Size Does Matter To Women. How Can I Get A Thicker Penis?

If you are still wondering if getting a fatter manhood is even possible, the the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Okay. So now that we understand that it can happen, that brings up the next question. What’s the safest, fastest way to get more penis girth? There are quite a few possibilities if you consider every option out there. Extenders, exercises, pills, patches, and pumps all claim to accomplish this lofty goal.

However, only a couple of methods have been proven to give permanent results. Lets skip right to what will make your penis thicker and longer & provide permanent results. The best method for increasing penis girth is the penis extender also referred to as a penis traction device.

How Does A Penis Extender Work?

This medically approved and clinically device works on the proven principle of traction. Traction places a measured, constant force on the tissue that needs expanding. Over time, cellular growth will fill the area created by the traction force making the stretched tissue bigger permanently. Orthopedic surgeons have successfully used this method to lengthen limbs, so traction is effective enough to lengthen even bone if given enough time.

Penis pumps, pills, and patches can only make your penis bigger temporarily. They all work on the same principle of increasing blood flow in order to get a thicker penis. However, using a traction device will allow for more blood flow also because as the penis responds to the traction it becomes bigger. The main difference is gains from traction are permanent, even if you stop using the device.

Source by John W Marshall