How to Get More Twitter Follows, Use These Three Killer Strategies

People are always trying to figure out how to get massive amounts of Twitter Follows. The basic foundation is simple and easy enough to figure out. Find people in your niche and beginning following them and their followers, and 30% of them will follow you back. This can be done by using a service called Twellow or just by using the search feature found in Twitter.

However, In order to get the truly high number of Twitter Followers, one must use these killer advanced strategies. They include automating your tweets, showing huge amounts of gratitude to others, and getting onto the top of the mountain which is following Friday #ff.

Automating your tweets is not as simple as a task, that one might think. The automation part of the task is easy enough. One could use Hootsuite, Socialoomph, or Tweetdeck. Simply use one of these interfaces and follow the built in instructions on how to set up the automated series of tweets.

The difficult part of automating your tweets is coming up with meaningfulful tweets that apply to your niche and what you are trying to accomplish. It also means following certain twitter etiquette guidelines!

For example, one should send out five or six tweets in advance of tweeting out a link. This way the audience is not bombarded with links all the time. Studies have shown that a link is much more likely to get clicked on if the tweets beforehand do not contain links.

Showing gratitude is huge within the twitter community. All tweeters love to be retweeted. It is important to retweet with care. Make sure that the tweets that you are sending out are relevant to your twitter follows. The people that are following you do not want to know about a realestate retweet if you are in the financial market. The key here is to retweet others in your niche and consistently be retweeting good solid content.

Getting to the top of the twitter game means being included in the Follow Friday (#ff) mentions.

Follow Friday was started to share with others the best people to have followed that week. Other tweeters pay close attention to those being mentioned in the #ff announcements. Being mentioned in the #ff Friday after Friday will bring a huge amount of Twitter Follows to your marketplace. The key to getting on the #ff is to provide meaningful content in the form of tweets to your fellow twitter community.

Using these three killer strategies will increase your Twitter Follows an an expedient rate. You will notice that your brand will become more and more informed and the money will soon follow.

Source by Angela Giles