How to Give a Girl an Orgasm – In 3 Amazing Steps

So how to give a girl that perfect orgasm? This is one question the answer to which every guy wants to know. Do you know that most girls fake it most of the times and never have a real orgasm? Do you know the major reason why most girls do not feel the same with sex after a while and tend to fake orgasms? Most men do not know how to act and have in bed to give girls that perfect ultimate orgasm which drives her to wanting more and more from you. Read on to find out some of the best ways by which you can give a girl an orgasm and achieve incredible results in bed.

Mental seduction- This is one of the most important aspects of giving a girl an orgasm. If a girl does not involve her mind than she can never involve her body. Therefore the very first step into giving a girl an orgasm is to make her mentally involved with you. The mind has the ultimate control over the whole human body and mind is responsible for human orgasms. The perfect example of this is when most people masturbate; they tend to think of several sexual situations, making love or just a romantic atmosphere. If thoughts can make you orgasm while masturbating they can certainly make you orgasm during real sex. Remember a good combination of the mind and body is extremely important to give a girl an orgasm.

Maintenance step- The very next step towards giving a girl an orgasm is to maintain that mental state and connection you have formed with her. The best way to connect mentally with almost any girl is to discuss in detail how much you love her and what she means to you. Girls never orgasm unless they have emotions involved in the whole act. Therefore make it a point to show affection and it's also good to discuss fantasies and what you would prefer and like to do to satisfy her in bed.

The ultimate moment- Mere words of love are enough to turn any girl on and when you feel the moment is perfect take a step further and engage into physical activities with her. Start with slight kissing and make it a point to do a lot of foreplay. Doing a lot of foreplay builds her hunger and she would have stronger orgasms thereby wanting more and more from you.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh