How To Increase Penis Size Using Only Natural Ways?

Isn’t that what everybody is looking for – natural ways to lose weight, to increase penis size, to prevent hair loss, etc.? Everybody believes natural ways are always better, safer, more effective and permanent. To be honest, everybody’s right – it’s always better to use natural solutions for everything concerning your health.

Here’s why more and more men are looking for ways to increase penis size naturally using the so called Natural Penis Enlargement methods (NPE methods). They are all self-treatment methods that can be performed only by you, which guarantees you discretion and privacy that you need if you really need and want to increase your penis size naturally.

The first and most effective NPE method I can think of is using penis enlargement pills and creams. You definitely won’t be sorry if you decide to use them. Just make sure they are clinically proven to work, have passed many tests, are manufactured by reliable company, have all the ingredients listed, have guarantees for your full satisfaction, permanent results and money back.

Most penis enlargement pills guarantee you will gain between 1 and 3 inches in penis length and nearly 1/5 more in thickness. Well, some pills promise even 5 inches in length, but that is too much exaggerated and not really possible in short periods of time. Real satisfactory results can be expected after 6 months up to one year. Believe me you should be very persistent and patient to obtain maximum results that meet your expectations.

Don’t forget that natural ways to increase penis size take more time than surgery methods, for example. But also don’t forget that natural is always better than surgical, and even if a natural penis enlargement product doesn’t help you (which is almost impossible), at least it won’t hurt you. On the contrary – surgical methods are usually irreversible and hide many risks for your health, so don’t consider them at all, until you’ve tried every NPE method without success.

Another natural ways to increase your penis size are by using penis enlargement devices and exercises. To tell you the truth these take even more time than penis enlargement pills and are not so effective. To be completely honest with you, I should also say that penis exercises and enlargement devices could seriously harm you if not performed properly.

Penis exercises subscriptions are cheaper than pills and enlargement devices are more expensive than pills. I’ve always said: don’t look for the cheapest solution, as well as don’t always trust to the most expensive one, but make a smart choice – consider pros and cons, price and effectiveness of all NPE methods and choose the best one for you.

Source by John T Harrison