How to Lose 1 Pound a Day With "This Diet"

So how do you lose 1 pound a day with "this" diet? Well first off the special diet is called calorie shifting. It is a unique diet that automatically causes the body to rise metabolism and fat burning and keep it high, causing rapid weight loss. In most cases people who try calorie shifting lose 1 pound a day or more. Best of all the weight stays off for months afterwards. So forget everything you were ever brainwashed into believing about dieting, because this diet breaks every single rule.

What makes calorie shifting so unique is that it does not require what most diets do and that is strict regimes, depriving yourself of foods and many others. This diet allows you to eat almost any foods you wish. How is that possible? Well the secret behind the weight loss effect of this diet is not what you eat, but HOW you eat.

Calorie shifting involves eating up to 4 or more meals a day, changing the order in which you eat them, making sure every meal has different calorie values ​​and drinking 10 glasses of water a day. You can eat meals such as scrambled eggs, baked beans, tuna salad, bacon, sausage, chicken and more. It's not as difficult as it sounds. But what happens when perform the above technique is that the body will have a reflex triggered that will make it increase metabolism and fat burning.

It will do this because of the fact that you will be eating 4 or more meals, forcing it to work more. And because you will keep shifting the amount of calories you eat every meal, you will confuse your body, making it wonder how many calories to burn the next time you eat (The body adjusts metabolism according to your eating habits). And because it will not know how much to burn during your next meal, it will automatically try to keep things safe and raise metabolism.

Although this dieting technique sounds like a difficult concept to grasp, it is not. Simply put, this diet unleashes a secret weight loss potential in your body that is more quick and effective than exercise and conventional dieting. So if you're wondering how to lose 1 pound a day, then consider calorie shifting because it is arguably the best solution for this!

Source by Vitaliy Gershfeld