How to Lose 20 Pounds With a Fun, Easy Method

Have you been thinking about how to lose 20 pounds fast? You may believe that losing weight is never easy – in fact, you probably do not expect it to be a lot of fun, do you? You could not be more wrong! I've been looking for enjoyable ways to lose those 20 pounds fast and what I've come to understand that you can lose that amount of body fat reliably fast if you are going to work on your diet or your exercise routine or by altering the drugs / supplements you take.

So where do you begin? Let's consider working out on your exercise program first. On an average, if you want to lose one pound of body weight, you'll need to burn 3500 calories of energy. To lose twenty pounds you'll need to burn 3,500 * 20 calories, which is around 70,000 extra calories. That's the challenge.

How do you go about doing that? The first question you need to ask yourself is – how fast do I want to lose this weight? Depending upon you motives, whether it's just to attend a wedding or an overall fitness goal you may want to lose those 20 pounds in 2 weeks, a month, 3 months or even half a year.

You do not have to wonder about how to lose 20 pounds once you firmly decide on a time frame and consistently follow an exercise routine. Let's say that you've given yourself 3 months to lose that troublesome body fat. That gives you a plenty of time to work on yourself in a relaxed manner. To get rid of 70,000 calories you'll need to burn around 800 extra calories a day for three months. Now just tailor your exercise program around this goal.

All activities consume energy whether it's running, aerobics, jogging, swimming or hiking up a trail. What activity do you enjoy doing the most or what would you enjoy learning the most? Check out how many calories those activities burn to figure out how much you need to do every day to burn those 800 calories.

For instance, a 155 pound person, will burn 1126 calories by bicycling for one hour at a speed greater than 20mph. The same person will burn 844 calories in one hour by just playing squash or 1267 calories by running at 10.9 mph in the same amount of time.

So make your own exercise program for the week, by factoring in your weight and the amount of calories burned per hour or per half hour of the activities you enjoy.

You can use many of the free calories-burned charts available online for different activities to help you figure a totally fun exercise program. You do not have to despairs about how to lose 20 pounds ever again. This easy method allows you to do it at your own pace in your own time frame and have fun in the process!

Source by Laura Seymour