How to Make a Guy Like You – 3 Myths Busted!

Wondering how to make a guy like you? It does not take a magic spell or voodoo love potions to attract the guy of your dreams. What it does take is common sense, confidence and a few tricks of the trade.

One of the first is to understand what guys like in the first place. Obviously each guy is unique, but there are some things that attract all guys. Or turn them off completely. So let’s bust some myths and make him fall for you!

Myth #1: Guys Like “Those Kinds of Girls”

The old saying about giving the milk away for free is true. The truth is that guys don’t value girls who are easy. And why should they? It does not make you special when he does not have to do anything to get you into bed.

If you only want him to have sex with you, this is not the article for you. Any girl can put on a mini-skirt and push-up bra and offer herself up to a guy. But if you want a real relationship with this guy, being “that kind of girl” is not the way to do it. Trust me!

Myth #2: Guys Like “Low-Maintenance” Chicks

The truth is that guys don’t like girls who are pushovers and completely needy. Although low-maintenance can be defined a few different ways, in this context its girls who are afraid to speak up and ask for what they want.

Guys want a challenge. They don’t want an airhead who agrees with everything they say. By speaking your mind, you earn his respect.

Myth #3: Guys Like a Lot of Attentionn

Have you seen girls who follow a guy around like a puppy dog? Calling and texting every five minutes? Can you say stalker? Sure guys like to be flattered and they like to feel like someone’s paying attention to them. But the sad fact is that many girls start behaving in a very needy way. And this just drives them away by the dozens!

Although I am not a fan of rules that say how many times you should call, email or text him, you should have some restraint. Just because he gave you his number does not mean that you should start hounding him.

Guys are completely turned off by needy and clingy girls. And wouldn’t you be turned off if a guy acted that way towards you? So if you’re wondering how to make a guy like you, remember, guys like girls with self-confidence.

Source by Alex Mckensie