How to Make Conversation

Being able to have a great conversation is key to being a good friend or meeting new people. Here are some tips that will help achieve this.


Be genially interested. Be sure the person you’re talking to is someone you want to get to know more about.

Be interesting – Nobody likes a boring person. Have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. This will help keep the conversation lively. It’s always good to keep up with current events, movies and popular music.

Listen – Believe it or not you do not have to do all the talking. A good listener is just as important to contributing to the conversation.

Nonverbal communication skills – Make eye contact and make sure your whole body is facing them. This shows your interest and keeps ones mind from drifting.

Nonverbal cues – Chances are if the person you are talking to is scanning the crowd or glancing at their watch often, they probably aren’t interested in getting to know you. Move on

Be Flexible – Even if you do not know much about a topic ask questions and learn about it.

Be Open Minded – You will make a great impression if you try to keep an open mind. Close-mindedness is a turn off


Do not try and think of what you’re going to say next. This is rude and you will probably miss what your prospective friend or client is saying

Do not interrupt — It’s rude and it ruins conversations.

Implementing these few tips will make conversations a whole lot easier to have and these tips can also help you make more friends as well.

Source by Celeste Jamils