How To Pleasure A Girl – In 3 Simple Steps

Most men are not able to provide their partners with the kind of pleasure they desire in bed. So how to actually pleasure a girl in bed? What are the perfect steps and techniques? What does it really take to pleasure a girl in bed? Well there is no specific technique as not all girls are the same and not all girls are pleasure by the same techniques. But there is something which works on almost all girls when it comes to pleasure. Read on to discover how you can pleasure a girl and achieve stunning results.

Make her feel special- Pleasuring a girl is all about how you make her feel around you. The intensity of passion and pleasure is determined by the way you act and make her feel around you. The more special she feels in your company the greater pleasure she would experience out of it. Remember girls like love and want to be loved. Thereafter learn to express love and tell her how much you love her and what she truly means to you.

Use sweet words- Girls get turned on more when they hear things as compared to them actually watching it. Girls love to hear sweet words about them and how you express your love towards them.

Share your fantasies- Girls love to fantasize and use their imagination for pleasure. Fantasizing is a powerful tool to pleasure a girl and get the best out of her. One of the best ways to really pleasure a girl is to share your fantasies with her and let her know what you are really thinking so that she can use her imagination and get more in tune with you. Therefore let your secret fantasies out and let her reveal the same to you in order to get the more comfort possible in bed.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh