How To Reach A Stunning Climax

Reaching a stunning climax may seem natural for every sexual being but it does not happen all the time. Many women are frustrated and depressed over sexual dissatisfaction. Many climaxes are characterized by loud fake screams just to raise men's ego. Some do not even care to prepare since their partners do not care either they enjoy sex or not. To reach a stunning climax as a woman you have to keep communicating with your lover. Tell them what you want done to you. You will have learned about yourself through masturbation. Once you figure out what gives you stunning climaxes, do not hesitate share it out with your partner. You can trust that he badly wants to know especially if what turns you on is not even close to what he thinks works for you.

To reach a stunning climax, do not give "mercy fakes". This is a term used to refer to the act of faking orgasms. If you let your partner think that he is hitting it when he is falling short, you are being unfair to yourself. He will not do anything different since in his mind you are having great climaxes. This leaves you faking it for the rest of your life. How can you reach a stunning climax without spanking your partner's ego? Use your sexy voice and say it out in soft sultry directions. Say something like, "I go wild when you squeeze my breasts" or you can silently take his hand of fingers, manhood or tongue and take them for aa tour in your erogenous zones.

To reach a stunning climax do not be shy to give yourself a hand. It is a fact that only 30% of women reach climax through penetration. You are not abnormal so give yourself a hand as he penetrates through. Reach down for your clitoris and service it squarely. Do not let him hurry foreplay. Guys can go from zero arousal to orgasm in five minutes. Women take longer to get aroused the reason as to why foreplay was invented. Let your husband put the kids to bed as you refresh yourself with a shower. This will keep you in a position to respond better to foreplay. You might not be in the moods but touching the right button makes your skin glow with want.

Do you know why you should climax often especially when you are in pain? Here is the answer. Climaxes trigger production of endorphins. They are even better than ibuprofen since they make the brain relax and feel good. They curb the pain using the most natural way and encourage good moods. They kill pain in headaches, menstrual cramps and much more. Hormones will not cause any stomach upsets and introduce any toxic substances to the liver.

Exercise is in the core of every healthy life including sex life. Exercise helps in circulation of blood in all of your body organs including your sex organ. This helps you to reach a stunning climax. The better the flow of blood the better the feeling or the titillation. Remember to strengthen your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle it is the muscle behind powerful orgasms. To test their strength, stop the flow while urinating. The muscle that flexes is what needs to be exercised.

Source by Francis K Githinji