How to Release Fatigue Mentally

As you take responsibility for your life and yourself, you then take responsibility that you are the cause of what happens to you. If you have fatigue then you need to discover what you have put into your subconscious mind that has now caused you to have the fatigue? Often it is a limiting decision or belief that has been put into the subconscious without you even really being aware of it. Your subconscious mind then takes note of this thought and causes you to have fatigue because it is giving you what you need for the decision or belief to be true.

Think of your subconscious as a 7 year old child who controls your body. It will always find ways to help you to fulfill your decision. The fatigue can be the result of the actual decision you made or it can be from a conflict that thought has with another thought or belief.

Let's say the decision you make is that you will work harder at what you are doing because that is what everyone tells you to do. But, you already have a belief that you can get what you want by not working hard. In this case the new thought causes a conflict with the existing belief. This was the situation I had in a recent case. The person developed fatigue because their subconscious said that if they work hard they must be before tired, so it keeps them the tiredness or fatigue now. They got it before they even started to work hard. This is not logical as the subconscious mind is not logical.

To discover why you are tired, identify when it started. Ask yourself when you were fit and healthy and work through the years, months or weeks to find when the change occurred.

Next think about what life was like one to three months before it started. Identify for yourself whether you decide to need something different in your life or need to change something? Be aware of any decisions big or small. Even though it may seem only minor, it may have a big impact on you. You may be surprised at what your subconscious can do.

Once you identify your limited decision, then you can change it. You can do it yourself or find help from a hypnotherapist.

Finding the cause for other physical issues such as fatigue can be due to the body being impacted by what is going on in your mind more so than the body.

Source by David Donahoo