How to Remove Head Lice

Head lice can be very irritating and cause extreme embarrassment in social life. They live on your hair by feeding on your blood. It is harmful to the scalp because these parasites live by absorbing hair nutrients. So, you need to know how to remove head lice. Head lice can be removed either by using over the counter medicines or by using an array of home remedies. In the process of knowing how to remove head lice, you also need to know what treatment would suit you best.

Many chemical products are available over the counters for effective and instant lice treatment, but using these chemicals on your hair is almost like using pesticides on your hair. It may have adverse effects on your hair as well as scalp. There are other simple home remedies to remove head lice by using natural substances like guava leaves, custard apple and so on. These natural methods give the simplest solution to your question, how to remove head lice. These natural methods require you to follow a series of procedures for a few days. To remove lice from hair, these procedures involve an application of greasy substances. You have to rinse your hair property to remove greasiness completely.

In your search for how to remove head lice, you might have come across several types of chemical products. These products are harmful and kids may be allergic to certain types of chemicals. There are high chances that these chemical solutions lead to hair loss. Natural remedies may not damage your hair, but these remedies are not easy to follow. Many people will tell you different remedies and you have to try one after the other to find out which one works. Further, it is not possible to have some solution on your kids' hair for a long time as with natural remedies. As a result, you end up trying different remedies and you will still find lice on the affected person's head.

Another important aspect in knowing how to remove head lice is keeping the infestation from spreading. When one person in your household is infected with lice, it leaves everyone in the house open to lice infestations. The home remedies treat only the person affected and since you should take special care of other family members. You can assure that you know how to remove head lice completely only if you know ways to remove and prevent lice infestations.

Source by Ole Schwarten