How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually

Men you have finally found the woman of your dreams and now you’re not quite sure how to satisfy a woman sexually. You are sure this one is special and you want to make sure you have the sexual prowess to keep her happy. Just imagine how strong your relationship will become when you start applying these technique to sexually satisfy a woman.

  • Arousal zones – You know what parts of her body on the hot zones, you have known these since your young adult years. But, there are other arousal zones you need to identify. Did you know the feet have the most sensory receptors, many woman can have a orgasm from a simple, but effective foot massage. A few years ago some engineers were testing a back massager on patients who had to remain bed ridden. They found out woman were having orgasms from the stimulation their backs were receiving. Massages of her feet and back may put her readily in the mood and make her more aroused.
  • Oral sex – This should not be a taboo, but some woman do not like receiving oral sex. So, you should discuss this before hand. This well known technique to sexually satisfy a woman never fails. But, you should try to make it a steady movement instead of a jabbing motion with your tongue.
  • What she likes – Communication is always key when trying to satisfy your woman. You should ask her if you can be allowed to watch how she pleasures herself. This will give you a great indication of how she likes to be touched and how to satisfy a woman sexually.
  • The touching game – Sit across from each other in bed and slowly touch her body in various parts, never touching her known arousal zones. Let your fingertips glide over her body, but never allowing them to firmly press against her. Just slowly allow her to heat up and then let things go as they may.

You are probably imagining using these tips and how you can become a better lover. Communicating with you woman is essential in any sexual relationship. Allowing her to express herself and giving her the freedom to do so will show her you care about her happiness. Let her know how much you care about her happiness will only allow her to grow closer to you!

Source by R.T. Bucher