How to Seduce My Girlfriend – 5 Easy Steps

If you really want to learn how to seduce your girlfriend, there are a number of steps you can take to achieve your goal. Lapses in physical relations with one’s girlfriend are bound to happen to the best of us. Or, maybe your situation is such that have never even gone to that special place with your girlfriend yet. Either way, I am here to tell you that the past does not necessarily equal the future!

If you are asking yourself, “How to seduce my girlfriend?,” here are 5 easy steps to follow:

1 – If you want to learn how to seduce your girlfriend, start by touching her playfully and lovingly on a more frequent basis. These can be very innocent touches – to her knee, her shoulder, her hair. Touching another person releases a natural chemical in the skin that brings warm, pleasant feelings to her body. Even casual touches can go a long way toward arousal. So, reach out to her (literally) and let her know that you have warm feelings toward her.

2 – Drop her an e-mail with a love poem now and then. Sometimes, a casual, surprise e-mail will do wonders in terms of awakening her desire. You may find that she is pleasantly surprised at your gesture. Keep your communications short and on a casual level – nothing too heavy or serious, and do not write too much because you will risk boring her.

3 – If someone else flirts with you through the course of your day, let your girlfriend know that it happened. You are not trying to make her mad. Just treat the flirting incident like it was cute and that you were flattered by it, but assure your girlfriend that you only have eyes for her. Jealousy, when played the right way, can be a turn-on.

4 – Treat your girlfriend like a princess. One of the easiest ways to do this is to show her that you care by celebrating special days like her birthday. But, even better, celebrate the little things, like when she looks particularly attractive one day or does her hair or makeup a certain way. Point out how good she looks and how much you find her attractive.

5 – If you are having a hard time getting over that last hurdle – as if she is almost willing to let you seduce her but then she backs off for no apparent reason – you need to start an open dialogue about sex with your girlfriend. Remember, she may have a hang-up or two that you could help her overcome through talking about it. Aside from touch, visual stimulation, and smell, dialogue can be (believe it or not) very arousing. Once you have cleared the air about any hang-ups your girlfriend may have about having sex with you, subtly shift the conversation toward a more sexy direction. Ask her about her turn-ons – what does she like? What does she fantasize about?

Seducing your girlfriend is not an exact science. However, there are some pretty clear-cut things you can do to steer the situation in the right direction. Do not underestimate the power of touch, sight, and the spoken and written word as you work to seduce your girlfriend.

These are just the beginning steps in seducing your girlfriend. They are sure-fire things you can do that have worked for me time and time again. And yet, there are many more secrets of seduction to know if you take time to learn from the masters.

Source by Robbie T. James