How to Use Formulas for Success

Every day we are assailed by ads and commercials about being successful. We also hear a never ending stream of advice from concerned people about what it takes to be successful at something. We hear ideas and formulas for guaranteed success from every direction. Yet a lot of people are still struggling to make ends meet, still wondering why they are not a success.

Well there are formulas that have been proven to work that solve all sorts of problems from animal care to catching fish, to getting a good nights sleep, to becoming the next millionaire on your block. Basically there is a formula for success for almost every situation that concerns the human race and its endeavors.

Still there are many people who just can not seem to be or become successful. Why do you suppose that is? The reason why is; they are not following the formula.

Let us use Pythagoras' theorem; you know the one: A squared plus B squared equals C squared. This theorem for finding the third side of a triangle is also a fine and dandy formula for figuring out distance. I have been around a few cannon and the theorem comes in very handy for placing an artillery shell where you need it. In the words of General Grant: "There is no problem that can not be solved by the use of cannon." Alas I digress, so back on subject.

Pythagoras figured out the formula to solve a common problem and it works. It works every time if you follow the formula. Trying to change the formula will not get correct results. Trying to change the formula will just not work, the formula has to be used "as Is" in order to procure the desired result. Doing multi digit math in your head may be difficult for most of us so there are aids; like slide rules, calculators, and fire control computers. All designed to help you get the formula computed but none of them will help you mess up the formula. If you subtract instead of add; the results could have been disastrous if not just a bit embarrassing.

So why do we all seem to want to mess up all the formulas for success? Laziness, or stubbornness, not being honest with yourself, or even ignorance. You have to realize that if the formula works, you only need to follow it to get the success you desire. If you wanted to be an Olympic triathlete, you should not expect to make the team while eating fat foods and sitting on the couch all day. No, you would have to actually get off the couch, go to practice, do what the coach tells you and then compete against other people who also want to be on the team. However for some reason most people think they can short cut their way to success, so they might jog around the block once and then wonder in dismay that the Olympic committee has not called them to represent their country next fall.

Not all formulas are instant gratification formulas. Some formulas take time to follow and achieve the desired results. Some are not as satisfying and immediate like solving a problem with a well placed shell, but they all will show results. The trick is to follow the formula, start to finish; getting the results you seek …

You can find these formulas all over the place and most are free; just do a search on your favorite internet engine and you will find thousands of formulas for just about every situation imaginable. You can find dog training, flower growing, house building, sledding, mountain climbing and so on. Find a formula that has been shown to work. For example if a person who has never seen or played football is trying to give advice on how to be a successful third back, you would steer away from that person as he obviously does not know anything. So find someone who had done what you want to do and follow their steps.

The differences you can make in formulas are the personal ones. After becoming the great baseball player, then you can break records and invent new shoes; but until then you have to follow the formula to become that great player.

So in reality it is very simple; Find out what you want to do, find a formula and follow it.

Be Blessed.

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Source by Ralston Heath