How To Win A Girls Heart Back

There is probably nothing worse than to lose a girlfriend and realize you still have feelings for her. Not only you are left feeling miserable and desperate, you also have no clue what to do next. You know just one thing – you want her back in your life.

Do not despair! Although it is not easy to earn back her trust and sympathy, it is possible. The first thing you need to do is to learn how to win a girls heart back and apply this theory into action.

Do not contact your ex immediately after a breakup. Give her some time to calm down. Then write her an email or a text message saying that you are sorry and that you understand what you did wrong. Do not immediately ask her to meet you. After keeping in touch for a week or two, usually invite her to join you for lunch (of course only when you'll get a feeling that she would not mind seeing you).

Meet on the neutral territory to make her feel more relaxed. Do not tell your ex how miserable and depressed you have been without her. Dress well, be funny and charming. Do not bring up any serious or upsetting topics.

Now the next step is a tricky one, but I know, you can do it. You have to act as her friend by listening attentively and with interest to what your ex girlfriend is telling you. You may flatter your ex, laugh with her, but at the same time you have to drop some hints that you are still interested in getting back with her. For example, you can you can subtly touch her hand as she is telling you something.

But do not try too hard, otherwise you will seem oveager! Do not be too attentive, too devoted or, in other words, too obvious about your feelings. Be strong, independent and self-confident. Most women are immediately attracted to men like that and your ex girlfriend is hardly an exception.

If your lunch went fine and you feel that there is chemistry between you, ask her on a date. Make sure that you plan this day in advance. You should know exactly where to take her and what you will be doing. You can also surprise her with bouquet of her favorite flowers or a little, but original gift.

Do not be jealous if she tells you that she is seeing another guy. You know, that you have a great advantage in this situation. First of all, if your ex girlfriend has agreed to go out with you, she still has weakness for you. Second, you know her better than your rival and you can definitely use it to your benefit.

Just do not expect that you will get back with your ex right away. It will take time to win back her heart and her trust. One of the cruel things that you have to do is to address mistakes you've made in the past and prove to your ex that everything will be different from now on.

Source by Natalie Arton