How to Win in Love (Part 3)

9. Stop Being Predictive

So what made your healthy relationship go from great to not there? It was the predictability or the boredom. There was never anything new happening. It was always the same old thing. He would have his thing and likewise with she. So why not show some interest in the other persons likes. Surprise them one day. Show up and participate in what they are doing and hopefully they will give you the same respect when you are doing your thing. Take some chances and do things your partner would never expect.

10. Take A Pill

There is going to be tough spots in all relationships. That's no big deal because it happens in all relationships. The problem is not letting these issues get too series. So even if times are tense just lighten up. There's no reason to get excited over every little comment. People always say stupid things in times of stress. Both you and your partner are going to make mistakes. Just realize that you are both human and that happens. A great way to break the tension is to make fun of yourself for what you said. This will get both you and your partner laughing again.

11. Talk To each Other

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship then for heaven's sake do not stop talking. It is very common in a relationship when things are tough for each partner to stop talking to one another. It's a great idea to make a commitment to one another that you will talk about things that are bothering you. Also commit to not letting these talks turn into arguments. I can guarantee you will have a very healthy relationship as long as you leave the lines of communication open.

12. Do not Forget The Bedroom

Love making and intimacy is a definite must in maintaining a healthy relationship. When there are problems in the relationship most times sex is not even thought about. However this is very important to help heal the relationship. Although things may seem a bit awkward at first it is very important. It does not hurt to set up a romantic setting. Hot bubble bath, candles, wine or even rent a nice hotel room for an evening get away. This will definitely put some zoom back into building a healthy relationship.

Source by Dale Mazurek