Self-Pleasure For Men – A New Way to Explore Yourself and Benefit You and Your Partner

Men do not like to discuss masturbation. Self-pleasure I still surrounded in puerile humor and unfortunately this has stunned men's view of self-love. This is a real shame as it is stopping men from having a lot of fun not only with themselves but also hampering them in a bedroom with their partner.

If a man was to be more open and aware to experimentation to which masturbation has to be a vital part then guys all around the world could start to have so much more fun in the bedroom or where ever they choose to make love. It is through masturbation that men can find out what they like and then pass that on to a partner who can use that information to make sex much more enjoyable. This benefits both people within the relationship because even the partner will get so much enjoyment of themselves seeing their partner having an erotic experience.

There are many ways to use self-pleasure to find more about you. The first thing to remember men is to give yourself some lonely time and to make sure you are comfortable and that you are no going to be distracted. It is not a question about a quick tug and then thank you very much. The longer you hold out and tease yourself the better the resulting orgasm will be.

A quick and easy method is to masturbate as normal but as you feel that you are getting close to the point of climax stop count to thirty and then start again. If you repeat this process five times before then finally letting yourself orgasm it will really be a fantastic experience and the orgasm will be ten times better. The added bonus of this method is that for those who struggle with premature ejaculation or have trouble keeping an erection will find that this method will help with both problems over time. It is a question of training you guys. This method can be used by a partner who can tease you and add in dirty talk to really set the mood and make you gasp.

Source by John Helios