Sexual Foreplay Tips – 2 Things Women Wish You Knew

Sexual foreplay is an integral process of a pleasant lovemaking experience. Sadly, many men do not know how to do it right! Men do not usually pay much attention to foreplay because for them, sex is intercourse. For women, intercourse is just part of sex. As a result, women are not sexual satisfied. 

Sexual Foreplay Tip #1: Slow Down

If any woman could give you a piece of advice about sexual foreplay, it is to slow down. Let me explain…

In order to become a better lover to her, you need to learn the difference between men and women. What works for you may not work for her, so you can’t please her the way like you want to be pleased! You see, we men are always ready for sex. When a man is ready for sex, he will shift the focus to his partners’ genitals. As a result, men often go straight to the genitals during foreplay. They would touch the genitals, and then get to intercourse.

However, studies show that least women need at least 15 minutes to be sexually stimulated! In addition, about 67% of women over age of 35 will not reach orgasm during intercourse. Thus, women prefer slow and intense foreplay. When you get your way to rush everything, she may feel unsatisfied and sexually deprived.

In a nutshell, you must always keep foreplay for minimum 20 minutes (unless you and she are on a quickie).

Sexual Foreplay Tip #2: Take Care of yourself

No matter how long is your relationship with her, you must always stay in shape and keep looking attractive to her. Of course, I am not suggesting that you to put physical appearance high on your list. No, you don’t need to be like Brad Pitt. At the very least, you must look clean, well manicured and well groomed. If you want to be her best lover and give her the best sexual foreplay, here’s a checklist for you:

  1. Check your lips: are they dry or cracked? You must us a lip balm daily to moisture your lips and make them look kiss-able.
  2. Check your teeth: Yellow or dingy teeth are a big turn off during foreplay. Whether you think your teeth is OK or not, you must have them clean by a professional dentist at least once a year.
  3. Check your breath: take care of your breath no matter you are going to have sex or not.

Source by C.Y. Lai