Top 10 Tips to Attain Maximum Sexual Pleasure

Sex is one of the most essential aspects of our life. Today every couple tries their best to attain maximum pleasure during sex. Below are some very useful tips that will help you to achieve better sex.

o You should be very clear with the fact that the arousal time of men and women are not similar and generally women need a longer period of foreplay before they are emotionally ready for penetration. Also give her a chance to be an active participant of the whole sexual act.

o You should always have plenty of foreplay before sexual intercourse as it makes orgasm more satisfying when you are warmed up for sexual union and intercourse.

o For men, it’s a great idea to become an expert in the arts of gentle touching, caressing and kissing. Vary the pressure of your touch or kiss, switch between firm and gentle pressure, pause and resume – all strategies which prevent the foreplay becoming boring.

o You may also try body massage with some aroma oil to each other to set a mood that can be highly erotic. There are many massage oils that are sensuous, relaxing and it’s a proven fact we enjoy sex more when we are relaxed. Choice of oils is down to personal taste.

o If sex is the same every time then it becomes boring, so add variety to your sex life. You must try some new sexual positions to make sex more exciting and pleasing.

o During sexual intercourse do not rush over your partner. A slow start with gradual increase will last longer and give you more sexual pleasure than a sex made in hurry.

o Always try to get your breathing rhythm in tandem with your partners, which will enhance the feeling of oneness. Correct breathing can greatly enhance your sex life and increase sexual satisfaction. So during intercourse learn to synchronize your breathing with your partners. This is a great way of feeling a total connection and union with your partner.

o When a woman reaches orgasm, it can be so intense that she needs a few minutes to recover and come fully back to the here and now. So after she’s enjoyed her orgasm, let her rest gently in your arms if that’s what she wants, feeling your love and affection before you continue with your sex.

o The act of penetration can be just as important to your partner as it is to you and you might be surprised to know that her desire to be penetrated by the man she loves and trusts can be just as strong as your desire to penetrate her. So when you get to the moment of penetration, be sensitive and respect the gift she is giving you in allowing you into her body.

o For men, another important point is to give your partner a good time emotionally as well as physically, with your attention fully focused on what you’re doing. Successful sex comes from being fully present with her during the act of lovemaking – being responsive to her movements, words, and feelings.

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