Why Do I Feel Sick All the Time? 3 Main Causes For Always Feeling Sick

Do you chronically feel sick and not know why? Today I'll answer the question why do I feel sick all the time with 3 of the most common causes for chronic poor health that goes on un-diagnosed. I'll also provide a brief solution to each so you can begin achieving relief from all the sources that can potentially make you feel sick.

The 3 Common Causes for Always Feeling Sick

# 1: Undiagnosed Allergies: This can be food or environmental. You would be surprised how often a building can make you feel sick all the time. Remember they use toxic materials in their construction is it any surprise? As for food if you regularly eat processed & packaged food you're just making yourself toxic while at the same time exposing yourself to countless allergens both food based and synthetic such as food colors, flavors and additives. Go on an elimination diet to figure out if theres anything you eat that makes you sick. Pay close attention if you feel worse in certain environments so you can consciously be more aware of the allergies you may be constantly surrounded by.

# 2: Toxic Diet: Most people really do not realize just how badly a toxic diet contributes directly to poor health. Between the toxic food additives to the potential allergens you're needlessly exposing yourself when it's absolutely unnecessary. Try juicing vegetables and fruits every day, and cook all your own food for a week or just eat it all raw and watch the difference. Everyone always feels better.

# 3: Candida: This is a yeast that essentially finds in all human beings the only difference between those who suffer from it and those who do not is wherever your body has it under control. It's estimated that as many as much as 50% of the population have health problems that are directly due to a candida overgrowth and that another 30% have health issues partially or in-directly related to it. Symptoms experienced are huge and can vary from chronic digestive problems such as IBS, bloating, chronic gas is very common or constipation; respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma, chronic coughing or sinus congestion; emotional problems such as depression and difficulty concentrating. The list goes on and on, but these tend to be the most common experienced.

How do you resolve a candida overgrowth?

Ironically you need to do points 1 & 2 by reducing exposure to anything that can throw your immune system off of balance, so any allergens. In addition to which your diet must be cleaned up in order to prevent the yeast from feeding off of the food you eat, as yeast loves sugar and most processed foods. Most importantly a non-toxic diet will allow your body the ability to heal itself back up. This is only the beginning as you also need some very specific cleanses, herbs and flushes to ensure that any candida overgrowth in your body is completely eliminated. The process takes discipline on the part of the individual but if they're dedicated to feeling better and never feeling sick again, then a total candida elimination program is exactly what they need.

Source by Jessica D Dale