How to Catch My Cheating Wife

If you are asking yourself, "How do I catch my cheating wife" you may be getting ahead of yourself. If you have a solid proof that your wife is already involved in an affair then you do not need to read any farther. If you are at a point in your marriage where you have that terrible feeling deep down inside that your wife is cheating then it may be time to start looking for the signs of infidelity. If the signs are there then it is time to find out the truth so that the emotional turmoil not knowing can be put to rest.

For many men dealing with a wife's infidelity can be something they do not initially want to deal with. The emotional impact can be more than you want to handle and any decisions made to deal with the betrayal are absolutely personal. Advice will come from any number of people including friends, family and coworkers but in the end only you know your true feelings on the issue and how best to deal with it.

If you truly believe your wife may be cheating on you it is good to know the many tell tale signs to look for. Once you have established that things have changed then you can take the next step of getting the evidence needed and catch your cheating wife. Here are some of the signs to look for if you suspect your wife of having an affair.

o Diminished sense of discomfort – If you get that sense that your wife just is not interested in you then may have a problem. This extends beyond the bedroom and into everyday life. If you used to have a sharing wife who talked to you about everything and shared intimate details about herself but she has suddenly seemed to distance herself from these intimate conversations then there may be reason to suspect her. When it comes to sexual intimate this can play out two ways. She may no longer show any desire to be intimate with you or she may suddenly start a whole new sexual repertoire and a desire to try things she never wanted to do before. If this is something you have talked about, this new sexual gymnastics then this is probably not a problem, but if it just starts out of the blue it could be a sign that she is learning new things from someone else.

o A decrease in arguments – When the intelligence goes you may also notice a change in what sets her off. Things that normally used to make her mad may no longer bring out her anger. This can be seen as a sign that she is not much interested in what you are doing, even if it's something that would normally make her mad.

o Changes in dress and appearance – If your normally conservative wife suddenly starts to dress more provocatively or makes a drastic change in her physical appearance with a new haircut and spending more time putting on her make up before she leaves for the day it may be more than her just just wanting to look good. This is particularly true if you compliment her on her new look but she just brushes you off.

o Less interest in friends and family – If she starts spending less time with you and the kids for other activities that she attends alone you may need to start doing some exploring. This is also true if she is not as active with her usual circle of friends and family members.

o Kid's behavior changes – Kids are extremely perceptive creatures and even though they may not say anything sudden changes in the way the reaction around their mom could have some meaning. They may not know exactly what is going on but they will react to changes in her behavior as well.

Dealing with a cheating wife is something no man wants to have to go through. Once the signs of cheating become evident it is up to you to decide how to answer your original question, "How to catch my wife cheating?"

Source by Andrew Bicknell