How to Get More Google Plus Followers

In the past few weeks, Google has started its new social network Google Plus. It is the self pronounced "Facebook Killer," and it is on its way to overtaking the social networking scene. This is great for customers and businesses alike and people are already wondering how they can begin marketing with Google Plus.

So what is so special about it?

Primarily it takes what was so successful about Facebook and adds a little Google magic to create a fully featured social network which focuses on displaying various types of content.

Google loves content right? Why would their social network be any different? Content delivery is the focus of Google+ and as such a couple of important capabilities exist.

Circles are Google's solution to privacy issues. In essence you group up all of your "friends" into circles and once you are posting any type of content or status update, you pick which circles you'd like the content to be visible to. For instance, you may not want your family to see your Vegas holiday photos much as you might not wish for your coworkers to see what you really did on your sick day.

Additionally, Google+ eliminates the "one-to-one" ratio available in Facebook. It's a bit like Twitter where one can follow someone or be followed, it's not a reciprocal relationship off the bat and it is easy to decide whether your followers can see your content or not.

So for business use, Google plans to release business accounts very much like Facebook pages. For the meantime, it's a great idea to start learning how to get more Google+ followers so after these folks do add this feature, your business can have a leg up.

There are a few excellent ways to do this. Initially, it's a good idea (much like Twitter) to start following critical and influential users. This should get you publicity and additionally helping you with establishing some great techniques on how to use Google+ much more effectively.

From there, you'll want to be quite active. Start out commenting on others posts and engage other users. Much like everything on the internet, make sure you are adding value in the conversation. People should trust you and rely on your opinion which might trigger a follow.

As you most likely discovered in your internet marketing training, there are often tools that can make things easier for you along the way. The same goes for Google Plus. There is a website named Social Stats where it is easy to check to see who has the a lot of followers on Google Plus. Just log in with your Google information and it will display a list of the top accounts. You'll want to start following those users and use the recommendations I outlined above.

There is no question that Google+ is going to be an extremely useful marketing tool in the future. If you want to get a head start on the competition, now is the time to join up with Google+ and begin learning how you can use it for all of your marketing efforts!

Source by Chad Gingrich